Colour Prevails Nail Polish

The most exciting part of blogging is seeing young brands grow and interact with existing power houses.  For Nonie Creme, such a statement is more than an observation, but a reality.  As the Co-Creator of the recently sold Butter London, Nonie Creme has achieved the rare success of creating a beauty line even Coco Chanel would commend.  With Butter London as her canvas, Nonie created phenomenally unique shades worthy of holding their own on the catwalk.  Nonie Creme elevated the act of painting nails into an art form.

For most, such an accomplishment would be grounds for retirement, but Nonie Creme has yet again proved everyone wrong when she released earlier this year her new beauty line, “Colour Prevails”.

colour prevails

Her new beauty line Colour Prevails is a Walmart exclusive and contains everything you need from eye makeup, blush, lipstick and well nail polish of course!  With her experience in the high-end beauty, Nonie is able to bring products to a wider audience in releasing them at the drugstore.

  I love that the brand sets itself apart from existing drugstore brands by providing testers in stores. For today, I will be reviewing the Colour Prevails Nail Polish line.   Let me start off by saying the brand received massive points when I saw that each bottle is 100 % shrink wrapped; so there is a 100% guarantee I will be the first person to use anything I purchase within the line.

  The nail polish line consists of 35 unique shades, contains 0.32 oz and retails for $8.00 and is 5-free.


The innovative packaging created by Nonie herself, sets Colour Prevails Nail Polish apart.  Aside from being beautiful, her packaging is ergonomic and well useful.  The butterfly wing allows the user to apply nail polish with both ease and precision.  What’s even nicer is the fact that you can remove the distinct handle for a traditional polish wand.  Once more, you see Nonie has thought of everyone’s needs.

Even if you don’t find the winged handle useful for applying your nail polish, you will fall in love with it when opening your nail polish.


Wine o’ clock

Wine o’clock is a beautiful deep  dark red.  The formula leans on the thin side so you are have flexibility on how deep the red becomes.  In the picture below, I used 2 coats to achieve the level of opacity.   This is such a deep red that at first glance appears to be a blackish purple color

I did notice this is a very fast drying nail polish.  So if you are someone who is inexperienced, the first few attempts may appear streaky.

Colour Prevails Nailpolish

Mr. Right Now 

Mr. Right Now is a glittery bronze gold.  It has micro gold glitter with larger silver glitter.  I purchased this color to use as an accent color against wine o’clock.

I know it’s still summer, but this nail duo has me craving for fall to arrive!


Overall, I am very pleased with the formula and color selection of theColour Prevails Nail Polish Collection.  As with Butter London, the color selection in Colour Prevails Nail Polish is unique, which is near impossible to find in today’s market.  Yes wine o’clock is yet another Burgundy, but never before have I received so many compliments on a nail polish color.

What’s even nicer, is the fact that I can purchase it at my local drugstore.

Have you guys tried Colour Prevails?

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