NARS Brow Gel

If there’s one thing social media has changed, it’s the art of filling in ones eyebrows.  The trend is so popular it seems as though each and every brand has created their own version of the perfect brow filler.

Out of all the brands available, the one I feel receives the least amount of attention is the Brow Gel by NARS.

Nars Brow Gel




The Brow Gel comes in a tube similar to a mascara wand and contains 0.21 oz.  For being a high end brow product the NARS Brow Gel is reasonably priced at $23.00.  As a point of reference, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel contains 0.28 oz and retails for $22.00 and the Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow contains 0.10 oz. and retails for $24.00

  The NARS Brow Gel can be found at Sephora, Nordstrom, and NARS.




Everything about the NARS Brow Gel screams perfection.  It’s packaging is sleek and sophisticated, its spoolie brush is tapered for a precise application, and the overall product is sensational!

The only con I found with regards to the NARS Brow Gel is its color selection.  Compared to other brands, NARS comes in only clear, blonde, medium brown and dark brown. So yes, I would agree the color selection is a bit limited.  However, if you are lucky enough to find a color that suites your needs, let me just say you will not regret this purchase.





As you can see, my eyebrows below lean on the thick unruly side.  I personally, enjoy products that fill in my eyebrows so that they appear uniform without appearing boxy, while also taming my hairs in place.

(Below: eyebrows w/o product)


Nars Brow Gel


I love to use the NARS Brow Gel because its an effortless way to create thick eyebrows that appear natural and yet don’t feel stiff as I find the formula does a great job at preventing my eyebrows from going all over the place.

The only additional downside to the NARS Brow Gel, aside from color selection, is that the formula only adheres to hair and wont stick to your skin.  So if you are someone who has very sparse Eyebrows, I recommend using this product in conjunction with a Brow Wiz.  I find using both Brow Wiz and the NARS Brow Gel creates a more dimensional eyebrow.


(Below: Eyebrows using NARS Brow Gel in Piraeus)
Nars Brow Gel

Personally, I am head over heels with the NARS Brow Gel, and can’t seem to understand why no one else talks about it.

Have you guys heard about the NARS Brow Gel?  If you’ve tired it, I’d love to hear what you think.

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