“Delete All” by Formula X

My initial reaction when Formula X released “Delete All” was c, eh.  To be honest, during my countless visits to Sephora, I never purchased “Delete All”.   The Formula X display was just something I’d skip over.  The first thing that came to mind when I saw “Delete All” was a flash back to the several disappointing drugstore nail polish removers I’ve purchased.  Usually, Nail Polish Removers packaged in a similar manner haven’t been my favorite.  The one thing I can say after trying “Delete All” –  Boy was I wrong!Delete All by Formula X

The jug contains 5 0.z. of product and retails for $15.00 and can be purchased at Sephora (here).

Delete All by Formula X

“Delete All” Nail Polish Remover makes removing your nail polish fast, easy and convenient.  If you’ve ever left your nail polish on for a few days longer than you should have because you were avoiding cotton balls, or the smell of remover, you will definitely fall in love with this product.

Delete All by Formula X

Upon opening the jar you’ll find a black, soaked sponge with five holes.  The sponge is heavily saturated so you have to be cautious not to spill.

  The process takes seconds to remove your nail polish.  Simply insert your finger in one of the holes and Voila;  clean nails.  If only everything else in life were this simple.

Delete All by Formula X

The beauty behind “Delete All” is how well it works.  The five-finger holes allow you to conveniently remove your nail polish in mere seconds without the hassle of dealing with cotton balls.  What was once a dreaded process is now enjoyable.  If anything, I found I am more willing to switch out my polish without visiting a salon.

What’s your favorite nail polish remover?

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