Don’t Miss Spa Week- It’s Almost Over!

This summer I dedicated my free time on finding personal balance.  To some that may sound strange.  However, for me, I easily find myself stressed.  This wouldn’t be a big deal if I would manage stress in a better manner – yet I don’t.  It manifests itself in avoidance tactics and quite frankly stress eating.  I know I can’t avoid stress, but avoiding stress and its causes only causes further stress.  Definitely a hamster wheel.   So why don’t I do something about it?  It’s funny you ask because as a Beauty Blogger whenever I see a pimple I apply a topical cream that magically removes pesky blemishes or a Sheet Mask when my skin is feeling parched.  But managing and overcoming stress has been thus far one of my biggest obstacles.  So, in my quest to find personal balance, this summer I discovered  massages are highly effective at improving my mood.

Spa Week Fall 2017: Oct 16-22nd

The hardest part of going for a massage is finding the right location.  Living in LA there are just so many places to choose from it difficult finding what suite your needs. literally does all the work for you since it is a Spa database- a yelp for Spas.  Doesn’t that sound easy!  To top it off, once a year Spa Weekly gathers Spas across the country to offer high end services for $50.00.  An incredible deal considering most of the available services vary from $100 to $500 depending on the location.  Spa week is from October 16 -22nd but booking started September 18th – I know I am a tad late but there’s still time to find an appointment if you are interested.

Unlike other sites, you don’t need to pay a membership to benefit from the $50.00 deal nor is there a limit in the amount of times you purchase a service.  Best of all, you can test out high end Spas at such an amazing price.  I made my appointment for this Saturday at a local Spa and selected the dual package that included both a Back Massage and Back Peel.  I am definitely looking forward to the experience and will let you know how it goes.  Will you take advantage of the Spa Week deal here?  If so, which Salon and package did you choose?


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