Lush Cosmetics Halloween Collection is Everything You Need This October

It’s officially October and boy did this month take me by surprise.  Where did September go?  I knew October was coming.  Every year I look forward to four weeks of Halloween.  From pumpkin carving to Halloween Makeup but I honestly wasn’t feeling the season with triple digit weather.  I did however try to keep some traditions.  For example during the beginning of  October, Lush Cosmetics is by far one of my favorite beauty stores to shop.  I especially love seeing what’s new in their Halloween Collection. Lush Cosmetics

“Ectoplasm: Jelly Bathbomb”

For practical reasons I only purchased two bath bombs this year.  This required great deals of restraint since their entire Halloween collection is adorable.  I already regret not purchasing their “Bewitched Bubble Bar” – an adorable black cat with yellow eyes. But in all honestly, I don’t see myself bathing in October if the weather remains this hot.  L.A. unfortunately feels far from Sweater Weather or Bath Season.

An item I did purchase however was their Jelly Bath Bomb, “Ectoplasm” – a seaweed bath bomb infused with zesty tangerine and grapefruit notes.  This is my first time purchasing a Jelly Bomb so I am excited to try this.  Unlike a traditional Bath Bomb, a Jelly Bomb literally oozes Jelly that rises to the top.  That may sound gross but the Jelly is made from Seaweed – who knew!

Lush Cosmetics

“Pumpkin: Bath Bomb”

Another item I couldn’t resist purchasing was their beloved “Pumpkin”.  This yearly classic is both adorable and functional for my current weather situation. Seeing as I won’t be using it in October, it’s Pumpkin Pie scent will be perfect for when I do in November.

I really am hoping the weather changes soon.  I have never faked Fall as hard as I have this year.  Fingers crossed L.A. doesn’t experience a 90 degree Thanksgiving.

Will you be purchasing something from the Lush Cosmetics Halloween Collection?

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