Everyday Broccoli Facial Mask Sheet

As of recently my skin has been extremely dry and flaky.  With a hectic schedule, lack of sleep, and well lets face it laziness my quest for a simple solution became imminent once I discovered sheet masks.

Don’t act like you don’t know what I mean; who wouldn’t like a magical solution.

But with all great discoveries, several brands hop on the band wagon and make it extremely difficult to decide which one is best.

So as a mini series, I will try to test out as many sheet masks as possible to figure out which one works best for me and hopefully help you out as well.


The first mask I decided to try was by the Korean brand name Skin Food.  Of their vast selection I chose  The Broccoli Facial Sheet Mask, which promises healthy glowing skin in under 15 minutes for less than $5.00.

Upon opening the package I found a soft traditional sheet mask soaked in a clear tacky serum.  The shape is a tad ill-fitted but covered all the necessary areas and contains enough serum to apply on other dry areas of your body.  Once you apply the sheet mask on your skin, the formula feels refreshing and cooling but later began to irritate the area around my nose and upper lip.

After removing the mask, my skin had a natural glow and felt hydrated.  I do recommend rinsing your face before applying makeup.  Overall, I would recommend this sheet mask if your main goal is to have hydrated, glowing skin… if you don’t have sensitive skin.

Do you guys have any favorite sheet masks in your beauty rotation?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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