TwinMedix Resurface Serum

If there’s one thing I love about blogging it’s discovering new amazing products that actually work.  This past March I was first introduced to TwinMedix at the Makeup Show LA.  As an average consumer, my biggest issue with trying new products is the fear of it ruining my face.  Yes that may sound selfish or overtly conceited but you have to admit there’s a degree of vulnerability when trying out a newly released product for the first time especially when it’s your face.  Well, my uneasiness dissipated once the Makeup Show put their stamp of approval.


TwinMedix is a new skincare company that focuses on providing pharmaceutical grade products for the beauty professional and enthusiast for beautiful, radiant skin.  The line consists of three serums: Vitamin A (Pro:Essentials A15), C (Pro:Essentials C10) or E (Pro:Essentials E5), an Oxygen Mask (Pro:Essentials O2) and a Peeling Mask (Pro:Essentials Resurface X).

You currently can’t purchase these serums unless you attend a convention, but these are definitely something put on your wish list.  I will keep everyone posted once the TwinMedix site has these babies up.  I myself had to wait until PhamExpo to purchase these two since they completely sold out at The Makeup Show LA.


For this post, I will be reviewing the Pro: Essentials Resurface X peeling mask.  As you can see, I am starting off with a clean hand.  The bottle pumps out a decent amount of product, but found it best to work in sections… ( I’ll explain in a bit).


The TwinMedix Resurface Serum is milky and can be very runny.  The directions state you have to apply a thin layer of product over the desired area.

From this point on, I recommend you work swiftly.


Once you’ve applied a thin layer of product (as pictured above).  Using your fingers, you must massage your face in a gentle circular motion.  Immediately you will begin to see the product begin to build up.

This is where the nasty magic happens, as the peel begins to remove things you didn’t even know were possible.


Quite honestly, I’m embarrassed to see how dirty my hand was, but am glad to know the product really does work.  As a true sceptic, I was at first hesitant to believe this was actual dead skin, so I applied the same amount of product on a mirror with rubber gloves and am happy to report, it never balled up!  I know my method was a bit extreme, but it’s always disheartening to find out product actually does not work.


After washing my hand, I could see my skin was more radiant and healthy.  It no longer looked dull.  To achieve the best results, as I mentioned earlier, I would recommend working in sections when applying this to your face.

Overall, I would highly recommend this product to anyone in need of a peeling mask.

What are your favorite peeling masks?  I’d love to hear them in the comments down below.

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