LAVANILA Deodorant

Having a blog for quite some time now has allowed me to fall for the hype created by the beauty community.  I’m sure we’ve all fallen victim of such hype.  Luckily, my experience with LAVANILA Deodorant was far from unpleasant.


Having so many fabulous brands available at the drugstore, it may seem difficult to justify purchasing a lavish deodorant especially when it’s a product that is constantly running out.  But let me explain.  LAVANILA is made of natural organic ingredients and free from harsh chemicals without compromising it’s effectiveness.  Typical deodorants contain parabens, aluminum and Propylene Glycol whereas LAVANILA does not!

The LAVANILA deodorant line is available in two sizes 2 oz. and retails for $14.00 as well as a mini .9 oz. size that retails for $8.00.

So far, I’ve tried two scents, Vanilla Coconut and Pure Vanilla and find I gravitate more towards the Vanilla Coconut scent.  I really enjoy that the scents do not smell artificial or overpowering.  The line contains several scents and can be seen here.


Before I forget, this deodorant is white and may stain clothing similar to other white deodorants.  As someone who has used an antiperspirant for most of my life the transition to a natural deodorant was difficult.  Years back I tried the Tom’s and can say the LAVANILA deodorant cannot compare.  By far the LAVANILA deodorant is superior in both quality and effectiveness.  I would highly recommend trouping through the first few weeks as your body does need time to adjust to a natural product.

During the first two weeks I did notice I would smell.  Yes, smell ! ! !

However, that smell eventually went away as I no longer have that problem.  I do recommend using the LAVANILA Deodorant during the morning and night time for happy, healthy un-stinky pits.

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