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Do you have dry skin?

Hello, my name is Genevieve and over the course of 29 years, my troubled relationship with body lotions has progressed with my “adulthood”.  Dramatic?  Oh no honey – let me explain.  You see, considering I have dry skin, Creams and Lotions should be my lifeline – my best friend.  Yet my relationship with hydrating my skin parallels that of a parking ticket.  I avoid it right up to the point where it becomes a problem.

I’ve been the girl who frantically searches her car for a tube of Cream in hopes of eliminating ashy legs right before entering Valet.  Or worse, accidentally scratching a friend with my dry elbow. Yes, that is correct!  An elbow that had reached a level of dryness where it inflicted pain and discomfort upon others; a weapon per say.  Imagine that?  Or better yet, imagine what it looked like – I was mortified!  I’ve come a long way since then but I admit incorporating Creams and Lotions into my routine has not come easy.

First Aid Beauty QVC TSV

As my acceptance of Creams and Lotions has grown, so has my ability to distinguish what I like.  Maybe it is because I’m approaching thirty or maybe it’s because I’ve come to the realization that  trendy, cute or expensive doesn’t necessary translate into an effective product that improves the state of my Dry Skin.  For that very reason I feel First Aid Beauty lacks the acknowledgment in the Beauty Industry it deserves.

 At first glance, the Ultra Repair Cream has the appearance of my Grandmother’s Cold Cream: white, thick, greasy and off-putting.  But let me stop you; if anything we’re soon to be in 2018 and the both of us shouldn’t judge things merely on appearances.  First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream is an Intense Form of Hydration that absorbs quickly into the skin.  Once applied, it feels light and lacks the greasy residue most nourishing creams leave behind.

First Aid Beauty QVC TSV

First Aid Beauty lacks the acknowledgment it deserves.

The Ultra Repair Cream is formulated for all skin types.  The Colloidal Oatmeal and Eucalyptus Oil relieves minor skin irritations due to eczema, rashes, poison ivy or insect bites.  If that doesn’t impress you; the Ultra Repair Cream can be used as a moisturizer for both your body and face.  Have I got your attention?  If I have, brace yourself it gets better.  Did you also know, if you have extremely dry skin like myself, you can use the Ultra Repair Cream as a primer for your foundation.  Try it, I’m sure you’ll love it.

First Aid Beauty QVC TSV

The QVC TS is priced fabulously at $39.96 (today 11/17/17 ) with a retail value of $140.00.  The First Aid Beauty kit includes two (2) 14 oz jars and two (2) 2 oz tubes and is available in five combinations: all Original Scented or your choice of one of the four additional scents: Vanilla, Honeysuckle, Rosemary Mint or Green Tea Lemon.  Regardless, the Ultra Repair cream provides your skin with amazing benefits and caters to everyone.

Will you be purchasing the Ultra Repair Cream Home & Away Kit from QVC (here)?  If you do, I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Or if you’ve tried anything else from First Aid Beauty?

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