The FOREO LUNA is The One Device You Shouldn’t Forget This Black Friday!

Thanksgiving becomes a distant memory as midnight strikes and the night transforms into Black Friday. With so many buzz worthy items to choose from, what do you buy?  Well the golden rule here at Avenue 50; purchase what your heart desires.  However, if you need suggestions we’re here to help!  To go along with our current self-care theme, the “ FOREO LUNA mini 2” is one of the best purchases you could make this year.


What makes the “FOREO LUNA mini 2” so special?

Most beauty lovers are obsessed with the “FOREO LUNA’s” Swedish design since it’s 100% waterproof. A complete charge will give you 300 uses. That means you can use your FOREO 150 days per charge.  Compared to traditional bristle cleansers, the FOREO cleansing device is made of soft silicon nubs that gently vibrate impurities from your skin.  The hygienic nonporous silicone is designed to resist bacteria buildup.


. . . but how clean?

When used twice a day for only one minute, the “FOREO LUNA ” removes dirt and impurities that may cause acne and premature aging.  The 8- intensity, T-Sonic pulsations generate 8,000 pulsations per minute – could your fingers move that fast?  Mine don’t.

… Is it worth it?

It took me awhile to appreciate the “FOREO LUNA 2”.  For someone who loves instant gratification, the “FOREO LUNA” is gentle.  As you move the device around your face it doesn’t feel abrasive – so I didn’t think it was working.  Maybe it’s me but I need a cleansing tool that rips off the first layer of skin to feel effective.  (PSA: that means it’s bad for you).  However, with time I started to notice my pores were no longer clogged.  As a beauty lover, a minute twice a day using the “FOREO LUNA” has improved the appearance of my Foundation around my nose and cheeks.  I truly love my FOREO LUNA 2.

 During this year’s black Friday, I highly recommend taking advantage of the awesome deal FOREO is currently having on the “FOREO LUNA mini 2”.



Don’t forget to use Coupon Code: BFAFF17 to take advantage of the amazing Black Friday deals!

Save 22% On LUNA mini 2 During Our Black Friday Sale! Valid 11/22 – 11/29

Save 22% On LUNA 2 During Our Black Friday Sale! Valid 11/22 – 11/29
Black Friday Sale! Save up to 25% off on select items at! Use code BFAFF17 (Valid 11/21/17-11/29/17)


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