Foot Therapy Mask

Your feet take a beating.  Or at least mine do.  After a recent trip, my feet became used and abused.  While at Anthropologie, I came across a sheet mask for you feet, called Foot Therapy.  Having experience with sheet masks, I felt a foot mask for my feet would be the perfect anecdote in combination with a pumice stone.  My theory was this, if the old-school method of smothering your feet with lotion and wrapping them in plastic works; a sheet mask would be a classier version with better ingredients.

Foot Therapy

 I only realized a week later I had mistakenly purchased a foot peeling mask and not a moisturizing mask.  For those of you who may not know, a foot peeling mask is literally what it’ called.  It’s a foot mask that causes your feet to shed its’ dead skin.

The Kocostar Foot Therapy Mask contains 1.35 FL OZ of product and retails for $10.00 .

Therapy Foot Mask

Upon removing the sheet mask from the packaging, you’re required to cut the wrap in the middle.

Insert your foot in the opening an secure the wrap using the white adhesive tabs and leave on the mask for an hour and a half. (1.5 Hours).

Remove the wrap and rinse the residual mask with warm water.

Therapy Foot Mask

Now here is the part where my user error occurred.  I decided to use a pumice stone during the “rinsing” process since I thought the mask was a moisturizing mask.  I don’t know if this caused the results to differ than if I would have followed directions.  Considering the mask contains natural botanicals, the Foot Therapy Mask is Paraben free and hypo-allergenic.  During the hour and a half, I felt zero discomfort or itchiness.  I would recommend preparing yourself for this time period since the walking in the mask might cause it to rip or you might trip.

Flash forward a week and a half later, I noticed my feet beginning to peel.  At first I was alarmed.  I even thought I had foot fungus lol, but after close examination I realized it was all due to the Foot Therapy Mask.

Below is a picture of how my feet peeled.   It’s quite impressive.  The entire shredding process is based on your personal skin cell turnover rate.  It took an entire week for my feet to finish shedding but I have read reviews where the shedding subsided for some people only after two days.

Therapy Foot Mask

Overall, I would recommend this mask for those whom need an intense exfoliation or prefer at-home pedicures.    I wouldn’t recommend using this as a means to substitute a conventional pedicure but it does give fantastic results.  My only dislike with the Foot Mask is that my personal shedding took a lot longer than desired, but worth the finished products.

Would you try a Foot Therapy Mask?

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