Physicians Formula #InstaReady

Earlier this year, Physicians Formula released their new Multi-Tasking #InstaReady Trio Sticks.  The idea behind this creation is to make life easier for the every day gal.  With so many trends surfacing; it’s not only time consuming but difficult to execute the latest trend.  Without the experience, you may appear ridiculous instead of fabulous.  Last year the makeup industry fully introduced to consumers the necessary steps to produce a multi-dimensional makeup look.   Long are the days of the traditional, flat, one dimensional foundation and blush techniques most of us remember.  Although contouring and strobing are incredible, they may leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed by the necessary products needed to achieve such results.  The new Physicians Formula #InstaReady Trio Sticks condenses the entire process into two sticks: a Bronzer and a Blush stick.   Each #InstaReady Trio sticks mimics a contour made by a professional makeup artist without the need to purchase several products.

Physicians Formula #InstaReady

Left: Bronzer Trio Stick  Right: Blush Trio Stick

Each Trio stick retails for $12.95 and contains 0.37 oz of product.  I really love that it contains SPF 30 with the active ingredient being 5.76 % Titanium Dioxide.  This is great to use during the Spring and Summer time, but a negative if you worried about flash back.  (Remember SPF causes Flash back)

Physicians Formula #InstaReady
As you can see each trio stick contains a highlighter, a middle-tone color and a deeper-toned color.  The concept behind having three tones is to create the perfect amount of depth needed to mimic defined cheekbones.  Here is where I feel the product falls short.  Below you can see a swatch of the blush stick.  At almost 1-1/4″ wide, I feel the blush stick covers far too large surface area.  Instead of the existing size, the blush stick should be smaller and include a middle shade that has a greater color variance than the deeper color.  Once swatched, both appear very similar.


The bronzer (below) has the perfect size.  I instantly fell in love with the highlighter in the trio, but found the bronzer pulled too yellow.  I would definitely love to see more shade ranges introduced to the #InstaReady Family but unfortunately cannot see myself using this bronzer unless I had a tan.  This would be a wonderful bronzer for anyone with a medium to deeper skin tone.

Physicians Formula #InstaReady

Now let’s talk about the consistency and formula.  Both the Blush and Bronzer Trio Sticks have a shimmer – but not glitter.  Once blended out this gives the skin radiance.  I was very impressed that the formula is not chalky or dry.  It blends out seamlessly even if you use your fingers.  This is a cream based formula that dries similar to a stain.

Overall, I like the concept behind the product and believe if the colors work for you, this would be great to use on days where you quickly need to apply your makeup.  This would also be great for those who are beginning to use makeup.  If you are someone who already is accustomed to using several products and doing several steps in your makeup regime, this may not be for you.

Have you guys tried the new Physicians Formula #InstaReady Bronzer or Blush Trio Stick?

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