Smashbox INSTA-MATTE Lipstick Transformer

Last year, matte liquid lipsticks transcended from being a trend to being a quintessential beauty staple in every makeup bag.  Liquid lipsticks are typically matte, long lasting, opaque and have a bold color.  Until the release of liquid lipsticks, these were dreams and aspirations we all shared for our existing lipstick collection.  The only issue with such an innovation is the current neglect of our once beloved hippies.

Enter the answer to our dreams, a Lipstick transformer that promises to make our beautiful creamy, shiny lipsticks – matte.


Smashbox’s  INSTA-MATTE Lipstick transformer contains .34 fl. oz of pure lipstick transformer.  It retails for $24.00 and can be purchased at Sephora, Smashbox, Macy’s and Nordstrom.


The gel consistency runs on the thicker side, and feels similar to vaseline or a silicone primer which comes to no surprise seeing as the principle ingredient is Dimethicone.  Many claim this is simply a re-packaged version of the  Maybelline Baby Skin Primer.  Although both contain the same primary ingredient, the INSTA-MATTE formula isn’t as emollient and doesn’t move around the lipstick.


The packaging’s easy squeeze tube allows for a quick application.  The best way to apply this product is with your finger.  If you don’t like using your fingers, I would recommend using a flat synthetic brush but could see using more product than necessary.

To apply, gently tap the product onto your lips until the entire lipstick is transformed.

Before:  ItCosmetics Lipstick in Itgirl

Smashbox INSTA-MATTE Lipstick Transformer
After:  Using Smashbox’s INSTA-Matte Lipstick Transformer


Overall, I was highly impressed with the INSTA-MATTE Lipstick transformer.  As you can see, the transformation is not chalky or cloudy but truly matte.  I found using your finger is the best application practice to prevent a patchy finish.  I love how I’m able to achieve a matte finish while not compromising comfort.  Which makes me think, you could also use the INSTA-Matte over your liquid lipsticks.

The only concern I can see someone having with this product is that it has a thick consistency or that it may feel greasy.  I would compare this to a lip mask.  Consistency aside, I really enjoy having the option of being able to repurposing my once neglected collection .

Have you tried the new INSTA-MATTE Lipstick Transformer?

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