#Instamarc Light Filtering Contour Powder

Marc Jacobs recently launched #Instamarc Light Filtering Contour Powder, a series of three contouring pallets.  With new and improved contouring palettes being introduced daily, it’s pretty obvious by now that contouring is the new “it” thing.

 Contouring is essentially the art of sculpting one’s face with makeup. Privy to makeup artists and celebrities, the tools to create defined cheek bones have become highly accessible to the everyday user.


Unlike other contouring pallets that have up to 6 shades; Marc Jacobs only provides you with two.   I was personally drawn to its simplistic approach to contouring because it removed the chaos.  Let’s face it, contouring is difficult.  If done correctly you look stunning and if done incorrectly you appear masculine.

Traditional contour palettes, with 6 shades appear far too generalized for one person, since you only end up using a few shades; there will always be one that is too deep or too light.


From Left to Right: Mirage Filter 40 – light gold/light bronze, Dream Filter 20- light pink/medium bronze, High Filter 60- warm peach/deep bronze.

Each palette retails for $49.00 and consists of  a split pan- matte highlighter and a matte bronzer, 0.31 oz each.

Although on the pricey side, the size is generous in comparison to other palettes in its price point.


Above: Dream Filter 20

The #instamarc contour powder is finely milled to the extent of it having a creamy and buttery texture.  Beware this does create fallout but the overall texture is not powdery or chalky.  The overall finish leaves your skin looking phenomenal.  The light weight powder does not appear cakey but rather a flawless, filtered finish.

I cannot emphasize how velvety and soft this powder feels on your skin.  Maybe it feels this way because it is infused with vitamins A, C and E.  Or maybe it just feels this way because it is simply that amazing.



As with all Marc Jacobs makeup, the packaging looks luxurious.  Its sleek black and silver aesthetic is both timeless and classic.

If you own the Marc Jacobs bronzer palette or have seen it in stores, you know that Marc Jacobs provides you with a L-A-R-G-E mirror.



 I chose to purchase the Dream Filter – 20 contouring powder because I have fair skin with pink undertones.  I feel I am at a loss with the available combinations.  The highlighter in the Mirage Filter-40 is far too yellow for my complexion, however I loved its cool toned bronzer.

The highlighter in the Dream Filter – 20 is a gorgeous light pink powder that is too close to my skin tone to work as a highlighter.  The bronzer in the Dream Filter palette is far too warm.  I’d much rather use it to warm my face or as a blush.  Overall I found the medium bronzer far too warm to be used as a contouring bronzer.

I wish they would make a palette for fair skin tones that would include a lighter version of the pink highlighter found in the Dream Filter-20 and the light bronzer found in the Mirage Filter -40.

Cons aside, I can still see myself using the highlighter in the Mirage Filter-40 as an overall setting powder and the bronzer as a blush.  My only regret is there not being a palette for fair skin tones.  Until then, I suggest purchasing this product if you can get away with the available tones because it truly does leave your face feeling and looking amazing!

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