Kate Spade Goreski Glasses Ring

College was rough for me.  I bonded with a girl over our addictive need to shop.  Personally, the experience was somewhat therapeutic although financially irresponsible.  A brand that I have always loved was Kate Spade.  It simply knows how to make a girl feel special.  Every Accessory is carefully wrapped to make each and every purchase an experience; down to the dainty trim on the box.  The box itself is something worth cherishing!  Well, unless you like I have a collection of empty Kate Spade boxes.  The art behind her accessory line is the light hearted quirkiness you receive every  time you wear your favorite piece.


I’ll be honest in saying I purchased this ring for the mere purpose of cheering myself up.  Over the course of my adulthood I’ve learned there are times when bad days or weeks call for a personal gift.  My habit is far from what it once was.  Out loud it sounds like self- conditioning – maybe?  But the truth is, the Kate Spade ring I purchased cheers me up.

IMG_5014My current obsession is the new Goreski Glasses Ring.  It screams “New Girl”.  It’s super casual.  I can see myself wearing this with either jeans or a dress.  I love how it looks on my index finger!


There’s just something wonderful about something so quirky and unexpected about Kate Spade Goreski Glasses Ring.

What are ways you cheer yourself up?

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