Tiffany& Co. Arrow Pendant

When it comes to trendy accessories my heart falls in love.  Recently, it’s been seeing arrows…..But just because the heart wants it, doesn’t mean it will.  Let me explain. I fell in love with the Tiffany& Co. Arrow Pendant.  What can I say, it had style, it had class….but it was $1500 dollars and no I do not mean doll hairs.  Okay, okay don’t think it isn’t worth the price, it completely is.  You see, the necklace is white gold with diamonds.  My only hesitation in purchasing the item is the fact that arrows are considered trendy.

Tiffany& Co. Arrow Pendant

I normally only purchase a high end item if I know it will be a classic or if it is unique.  Unfortunately, the TiffanyTiffany& Co. Arrow Pendant  is not that unique.  So I did what any girl does, I found a lovely more affordable dupe from Macy’s.  Both version have diamonds well maybe the Macy’s version has “diamonds”.  The Macy’s version is also  silver and the Tiffany’s version is gold but I can’t complain seeing as its a trendy item.  In all honesty I preferred the Tiffany& Co. Arrow Pendant more since it was dainty.  I did not purchase the one made of gold but I got their more affordable silver version.  What can I say, I compromised.

Which one would you buy?

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