In 2014 Make Up For Ever re-launched their  entire permanent eyeshadow collection.   In a business perspective, it’s a monumentally bold and risky move, and thus extremely uncommon for a high-end makeup company to reformulate an already iconic collection, dating back to 1984.

With that being said, the final results are to say the least commendable.

The collection is comprised of 210 hues from all ranges on the color wheel.

Such a bold and vast variance allows for both professionals, artists, and people like myself to benefit from such a collection.


Disclaimer: before delving into these shadows, let me state that I did not have the pleasure to try the existing formula and therefore cannot do a quality comparison.

I purchased the Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow at IMATS LA. With the lines being rather hectic I did not spend much time at the MUFE booth.   Had I known before the quality of these shadows were this phenomenal I would have purchased more.


 Similar to Inglot, everything is individually purchased.

 The eyeshadows come perfectly packaged so if you are ordering these items online there is no need to worry that they will break.

 I am grateful that Make Up For Ever’s packaging is very sleek.  Not only does it look professional, it also gives the appearance that you are paying for the quality of the product as opposed to paying for the appearance of “expensive”.


For a point of reference, the Make Up For Ever eyeshadows are larger than MAC eyeshadows.

MUFE eyeshadows are 2g while MAC eyeshadows are 1.5 g


Above: S-602 Cinnamon and  I-524 Pinky Beige

The eyeshadow have two names.     A classification system and a common name.  The classification system is composed of a letter and a series of numbers.  The letter stands for the initial for of the eyeshadow’s finish.

The collection contains 5 finishes: Matte, Satin, Diamond, Iridescent, and Metallic.


I purchased S-602, a Satin finish, warm brown and I-524, a neutral Iridescent pinky beige.

Not knowing the eyeshadow’s quality, I went for an every day color scheme.   I would compare these eyeshadow’s pigmentation and texture to the Lorac Pro or Morphe shadows.  These shadows are creamy, finely milled, buttery goodness.  They take very little effort to apply and are not at all blotchy.

Unlike the Lorac Pro and Morphe shadows there is no fallout.  It’s as though they made the absolute perfect formula

Y-E-S… that’s right, No Fallout.

To make things even better, these shadows blend like a dream.  Some of you may be turned off by the thought of highly pigmented shadows.  It’s completely understandable.  In an artistic perspective highly pigmented shadows with a high – color payoff makes sense, but seems rather impractical for an office setting.

I did a quick look below to show that theses highly pigmented shadows can easily be blended for a more natural work appropriate look.

 But don’t be fooled, these same shadows have the powers to look fierce when need be.


You can purchase shadows from this collection at Sephora, or any Make Up For Ever boutique.

On Sephora. each individual shadow retails for $21.00.  The pan pallets can be found in single, double or 3- pan pallets for $1.00 ea.

Yes, I will admit these shadows are pricey, but Sephora does have a deal


These shadows are definitely something to look forward this spring.

SIDE NOTE:  For those of you in LA during this March.  Make Up Forever will have a booth at this years The Makeup Show LA .  (Booth #3000)

Information regarding The Makeup Show can be found on their website:

Saturday March 28 9:00 a.m – 6:00 pm

Sunday March 29 9:00 am-5:00 pm

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