The Moondust Palette Made Me Re-Evaluate Life

While at Sephora, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Am I really that boring?”  Let me provide you with some background.  I am a person who wears neutral eyeshadows.  So I was surprised to find myself attracted to the Moondust palette.  Yes it is pretty, but would I really wear it?   My attention first gravitated towards the celestial packaging that encased the new fall Moondust Palette.  The galaxy on the box stood apart from the girly cliché packaging found in its counterparts.  Unlike other palettes trending, the Moondust palette is far from your typical neutral matte eyeshadow; far from my normal eyeshadow repertoire.  The palette scared me.  But why?  The Moondust’s glittery, gunmetal packaging is equally gorgeous in comparison to the eight, bold, colorful and glittery shadows inside the palette. That’s right, colorful glitter!  In an age when blue lipstick is a norm, why is colored glitter a risk?

Urban Decay Moondust Palette

Urban Decay’s Moondust shadows are known for being incredible because of their bursts of color and flawless finish.  They are part of the permanent Urban Decay collection and are not for the meek or mild.  An individual Moondust shadow contains 1.5 g of product and retails for $21.00.  The Moondust Palette is a steal for someone who likes variation since it contains 8 – 0.02 oz. pans and retails for $49.00.  Of the eight shades, two are new: Lightyear and Galaxy.  You can purchase the Moondust Palette at Sephora, Ulta and the Urban Decay website.


 Urban Decay made a bold decision in curating an entire palette using only Moondust eyeshadows.  U.D. could have easily played it safe, catering to a larger audience, by incorporating their well known matte shadows.  The eyeshadows in their pans look loud. The complete opposite can be said when they are switched.  Now remember, they appeared unwearable and loud to me in the pan but for most these bold shadows look AMAZING.  This was my first time wearing or purchasing a Moondust eyeshadows.  So I had no idea you could create sophisticated looks.  Moondust eyeshadows are made of microfine glitter and metallics that have an ultra creamy texture.   The glitters do contain dimethicone.  Similar to Colourpop eyeshadows they are best applied with your finger or a syntethic brush.  You will be glad to know chunky glitter is nowhere to be found.

Below are swatches of the First Row without using a base or glitter adhesive.

Urban Decay Cosmetics Moondust Palette

Below are swatches of the 2nd Row without using a base or glitter adhesive.

Urban Decay Cosmetics Moondust Palette

Below is an eye look using the color granite and lithium.  Yes this looks is still neutral and very true to my personality but the glittery colors intensify the look.  Since the glitter is not chunky, the eye look does not look tacky.  Instead it looks wearable and sophisticated.

Urban Decay Cosmetics Moondust Palette

Urban Decay’s decision to launch the Moondust Palette was genius for several reasons.  First and foremost, the palette caters to the existing Moondust eyeshadow fan base.  Secondly, it allows you to try several shadows in the Moondust line at one time.  Finally, it gives the consumer the flexibility of trying a bright bold color without the commitment of having to use it.  After using this palette for some time now I would urge anyone who is on the timid side to venture out and purchase the Moondust palette.  Who knows, maybe you may find your new signature date night look.  Ultimately, if I can get these results from using eyeshadows outside of my comfort zone,  what can I accomplish if I use this same mantra towards the rest of my life?

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