Peter Thomas Roth: Best Face Forward Beauty Insider – 500 points

Sephora introduced its new 500 point Beauty Insider Gift by none other than Peter Thomas Roth.  I’ll be honest and say I usually opt out of redeeming my points, but this was just too hard to resist.  I guess I wasn’t the only one seeing as I had to venture out to three different Sephoras to find this prized box.

Here’s the breakdown of what comes inside…


Here’s how they packaged it all…


Now lets do the math and see how much this perk is actually worth.

A. Moisturizing Gel-Cream 0.5 oz  = $34.00    (1.0 oz bottle retails @ $68.00)

B. Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel  2.0 oz =$6.06

(based on the fact that the 3.3 oz bottle retails for $10)

C. Cucumber Gel Mask 0.5 = $4.50   (Regular Size 5.0 oz @ $45)

D.Peeling Gel        0.5 oz =  $7.08 (Retail Size 3.4 oz @ $48)


*** Pretty much validates the 3 different attempts to find this Peter Thomas Roth Beauty Perk ***

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