deborah lippmann P.Y.T “Pretty Young Thing”

It is funny how being a Sephora whore I never really spend time in their nail polish section.  This is not to say that I am not a nail polish addict, nor that I do not like Sephora’s nail polish selection. Personally, I consider having a modest collection, but I honestly never purchase high-end/ brand named nail polish.  I’ve always been satisfied with brands found at my local CVS, such as: Essie, OPI, Sally Hansen or China Glaze.  Furthermore, I’ve found nail polish is expensive, which is ironic considering the amount of money one spends on 1.0 oz. items.

Prior to this purchase, I only own 2 brand name polishes that are lost in my sea of drugstore nail polishes.

For some reason, while at Sephora, deborah lippmann P.Y.T  caught my eye.  This sheer apricot/ melon pink leaves your hands looking dainty and delicate.  A true pastel pink without triggering the image of a baby shower.

Deborah lippmann


The packaging is not flashy, but rather classic with its clear glass bottle and black cap, allowing the nail polish to speak for itself.  At a hefty price, deborah lippman’s formula matches up.  The several times I’ve worn this, several people have asked me what I’ve used and whether or not it was a gel polish.

The overall appearance leaves your nails looking glossy and shiny without the salon.

Below is an image of day 4 of an at home manicure using the deborah lippmann P.Y.T  “Pretty Young Thing”

Pretty Young Thing

As you can see the formula is true to color and appears exactly as it does on the bottle.  The application is easy  and streak free.  It took 3 applications for this result.


deborah lippmann: P.Y.T


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