Smashbox Cosmetics Wish List

This past Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending an evening soiree at the Smashbox Studio, co-hosted by The Makeup Show.

The demo echoed Smashbox’s beliefs that makeup should enhance and not conceal.  In today’s social media, makeup leans on the more dramatic spectrum of makeup.  So to my surprise, James Vincent’s creation was clean and fresh faced.  His work, which enhanced the beautiful model to a degree of sophistication and glamour was something far from what someone who views You Tube may be accustomed to.

What was equally impressive was the degree of quality found in Smashbox’s products.  Although the model’s appearance was “natural” and “fresh faced” the work still had the capacity to photograph well.  This is quite rare seeing as most products lack such duality.  Typically,  products either photograph well and look overdone in person or appear amazing in person but washed out on film.  I cannot emphasize how rare it is for products to achieve such levels on both platforms.

Overall the soiree at Smashbox  was both dynamic and refreshing, and for that I am both grateful and eager.

After viewing the demo performed by James Vincent, here are a few products I have added to my wish list.

Always Sharp Lip Liner


Photo Angle Pure Pigment Gel Liner


LA Lights Lip & Cheek Color LA-Lights-Blendable-Lip-and-Cheek-Color

Smashbox x Donald Robertson in #BINGTOBASEL


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