Static Nails: French Twist

Beauty is complicated.  I’ll be the first to admit trends are both fun and exciting.  Yet the time and effort required to achieve a trend correctly, as a novice, is anything but desirable.

I rank each beauty category based on personal skill, achievability and time.  If all fails, I accept defeat and outsource the task.

  Far from being a nail expert, I routinely visit a salon.  Personally, viewing manicured nails a necessity.  Let me clarify that I mean basic, polish, non-gel manicures.  Boring, I know, but it’s my car wash of beauty routines.  So it’s safe to assume nail art or acrylic nails are certainly out of the question….yet my vanilla tendencies leave me wanting more.

Enter Static Nails:

I first heard of Static Nails while at The Makeup Show LA.  I’ll admit my initial interest level was rather low.  Simply hearing DIY acrylic nails was a turn off.  My existing perception of DIY Acrylic nails are solely based on what’s found at drugstores.  Yes professional Acrylic nails are beautiful, but they require a considerable amount of time and ultimately not something I’d consider.

Static Nails are different.  First of all, they clearly have evolved stylistically from traditional drugstore acrylics.

Just look at how gorgeous they are !


From left to right: Rain Confetti, Leather and Spikes and Black Tie

Long are the days when Acrylic DIY are available in French Tip.  Simply put, Static Nails are on trend and appeal to just about everyone.  Their collections include the classic square shape, the feminine oval shape and the fashionable pointed shape.

  The designs embody every spectrum of fashion from feminine to fierce.  They retail between $14 and $45.99 and can be considered a mid-high range beauty product.  Yes, some designs are a tad on the pricey side; but they are only a fraction of the cost compared to a salon.


Each kit includes a nail file, 2g glue and 24 nails in 12 different sizes.  The kit provides a sufficient quantity of sizes.  Having oddly shaped nails, I did find some were slightly larger, but once on looked natural.  The nail seamlessly blend with my nail bed without looking fake.

You would think I achieved these the natural way, or better yet by a professional.


Static Nails are extremely easy to apply.  The application process takes less than 5 minutes.

All you really have to do is glue them on.  I recommend cleaning the inside of the acrylic nails and your nails with rubbing alcohol. I found that they easily popped off the first time I applied them without doing this step.  Regardless, they’re so easy to apply I wouldn’t mind. I think the natural oils from my hands compromised the glues’ efficiency. I was able to wear the nails for five days before any of them fell off.

Once I wanted to take them off, I dipped my hands in warm water for a few minutes.  I was relieved to see my nails were not damaged.

Static Nails are reusable, paintable and shapable.  I love that Static Nails cater to women who want to explore fashion.  Allowing the flexibility to rock studded black leather nails for an evening and then flash pink french tips the next morning; while never having to compromise quality or aesthetic.

As women, we play several roles, and it’s exciting to see a brand that enables us to embrace whichever role we desire.

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