Sulwhasoo Mask Trio Holiday Limited is the Perfect Gift!

If you’ve followed Avenue 50 for a while, you KNOW; I hate Holiday Shopping.  Partly due because I dislike gifting half hazard items out of mere obligation.  I want the person to enjoy it.  Maybe even selfishly think of me when they use it.  Horrible, huh? With so much pressure to find the perfect gift, I’ve discovered Holiday Gift Sets are best.  Since they offer the recipient the opportunity to use a variety of wonderful products they weren’t aware existed.   Sulwhasoo, did exactly that by creating a beautifully curated Holiday Gift Set that displays some of their top Face Masks in the “Sulwhasoo Mask Trio Holiday Limited”.
Let me explain, Sulwhasoo carries some of the best Face Masks I’ve ever encountered.  No surprise there since the Korean Beauty Brand offers Luxe ingredients that most importantly work!  You’re basically bringing the Spa Home. This isn’t a hyped up prestige brand.  Sulwhasoo Masks provide your skin with lasting hydration, which is vital regardless of having oily, normal or dry skin.

What’s included in the Sulwhasoo Mask Trio Holiday Limited Collection?

Radiance Energy Mask

The Radiance Energy Mask is by far my favorite mask in the Trio.  Secretly, I use this as a moisturizer on really cold evenings or as a primer when I want flawless foundation.  Don’t forget to apply the Mask on the back of your hands and down your neck.  The Radiance Energy Mask key ingredient is the rare, precious gemstone, White Jade.  Known for its hydrating and restoring abilities Sulwhasoo created  Jadesphere™ technology to help damaged skin while also clarifying; leaving you with bright smoother skin.  This Overnight Mask is the perfect gift for any loved one regardless of their age.  Whether you want to pamper your beloved Mom or Aunt or treat your Girlfriend who stays out partying all night to your younger cousin who studies til dawn.  Regardless, they’ll end up with revitalized, stress free skin.  Who doesn’t want radiant, glowing skin instead of dehydrated, dull skin?
The full sized Radiance Energy Mask contains 80 ML whereas the one included in this Holiday Set contains 30 ML.

Overnight Vitalizing Mask


Overnight Moisturizing Masks are a new concept to me.  I typically wear a Heavy Moisturizer at night but discovering these couldn’t have come at a better time.  (Recall my obsessive whining over this Winter’s effects on my Dry Skin?)  Ah, yes!  Now how does it work?  Everything in my skincare routine remains the same but at the very end I add an Overnight Mask – and it has helped tremendously.   It’s that simple.  I’ve been using the Overnight Vitalizing Mask daily for the past two weeks and have noticed a remarkable change in my skin.  I do however, switch to a heavier Overnight mask if by any reason my Skin becomes drier.  The Overnight Vitalizing Mask has a light, soft texture.  It contains Scutellaria Root, Walnut extract and Acutiloba.  The size included in the “Mask Trio Holiday Limited” is 50 ML whereas the full sized product contains 120 ML.

Clarifying Mask


The Clarifying Mask is by far one of the best Peeling Masks I’ve experienced.  I’ve reviewed Peeling Masks before and hate them.  They never peel off completely unless you apply an exaggerated amount of product, which then takes an eternity to dry.  My experience is annoying and so I’ve avoided Peeling Masks all together.  The Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask is different; you only need a normal amount of product and to my surprise it peels off in one gentle motion.  Absolutely amazing!  The collection includes a 50 ml. sample which from experience will last you several masking sessions.  The full size bottle contains 150 ml.  The Face Mask contains natural ingredients, such as: pine, licorice, Cnidium Officinale and Angelica Acutiloba.  It also includes finely ground Solomon’s seal, fine honey and Japanese Honeysuckle.  Using the Clarifying Mask is easy.  Apply the product on your face and leave for 20-30 minutes.  Remember to peel off rom top to bottom once the mask dries.  Want to hear something more amazing?  Not only is the Face Mask clarify it is not drying.

If the Mask Trio isn’t right for you, remember you can purchase the full sized version by clicking on the images below.  Just remember these are affiliate links.

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