Brand Spotlight: Jo Loves

Did you know the creator of Jo Malone London had a new brand named “Jo Loves”?  I didn’t!  Back in 2006, Jo Malone left as the Creative Director of Jo Malone London.  Now, she’s done it again.  Which comes as no surprise.  Creating custom fragrances has been a passion of hers since the beginning of her career as a facial therapist.   The “Jo Love” brand is compilation of innovative perfumes, candles and bath, body products.

As someone who has purchased several Jo Malone Candles for their unique fragrances, I am excited to explore the new line.  From experience, Jo combines unexpected notes to create timeless scents.  The act of creating custom fragrances by layering is an art form.  One in which Jo has not only mastered but evolved in her latest creation, Fragrance Paintbrush.

“The innovative Fragrance Paintbrush™ introduces a new way of wearing fragrance. With a new gel formula which holds the fragrance and dries in seconds, it allows you to apply and top up your favorite fragrance wherever you are – whether traveling, at work or on the go. ” (Jo Loves).

Jo Loves

The Fragrance Paintbrush  are available in four unique scents: Pomelo, Red Truffle 21, White Rose, Lemon Leaves, Green Orange and Coriander.  They contain 0.6 oz (18 ML) and retail for $55.00.

Although I have not personally tried the Fragrance Paintbrush  I am highly intrigued and am excited to this Sunday.  Similar to makeup, fragrance is an extension of one’s identity and a reflection of ones mood.  By creating a gel fragrance, Jo has removed the application constraints traditional atomizers have- but I guess I’ll have to show you what I mean next week.  For now, let’s just say I can’t wait for the weekend.

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