Tips for Attending TMSLA

Plan Ahead:

The Makeup Show will take place at The California Market Center on March 28-29, 2015.

If you haven’t been there before, I highly suggest going over directions beforehand.  If you aren’t familiar with Downtown LA, there are several one-way streets, which may cause a delay if you get lost.



(click the image above if you need directions)


There are several parking options available when attending The Makeup Show.  The building does offer underground parking, which may quickly get crowded.  From experience this parking option becomes a hassle when exiting.

 In addition to the underground parking, there are several private parking alternatives, as well as metered parking.

 Although these options now take credit cards, it is a good to set aside cash for parking.

Familiarize yourself with the floor plan.

The Makeup Show releases it’s floor plan and list of vendors far in advance. I cannot emphasize how important it is to familiarize yourself with the vendors you would like to see and their locations.  Before arriving at the convention, write down your must see booths.  From previous experience, conventions tend to be very crowded.  When you arrive, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and distracted.   Long lines may cause you to miss a vendor or you may simply forget.



For a full list of the vendors….click here

Proper forms of Payment:

Most exhibitors accept both forms of payment; cash or card.  There are benefits in carrying both forms of payment.  First of all, you never know who may only allow one form of payment and secondly, certain forms of payment may have shorter lines.

Have a Budget:

Let me start off by saying, you will be in an environment where EVERYONE is passionate about makeup, maybe even more so than yourself.  With that being said, you will see people purchasing items for their personal and professional kits.  I cannot stress how easy it is to get a shopping high, and how hard it is to resist items, especially when there are great deals and promos.

The best way to avoid going broke at this event is through a budget. I highly suggest creating a shopping list and only allowing yourself to a fixed budget for items not on your list.

Be Prepared for Lines:

This statement isn’t news for anyone who has previously attended a convention.  Have the mindset going into the event that there will be long lines.  Wear comfortable shoes since you will be on your feet for most of the day and resting spots are limited if not scarce.  Don’t forget to wear light clothing, I’m not too ceratin if the venue has air conditioning and from past experiences, conventions become warm and stuffy FAST!!

And finally, remember to bring a snack and a water bottle.  The last thing you want is for your sugars to drop and you become hangry while you wait in a long line.

Above all, I hope you find these tips helpful in planning your experience.

 Don’t forget Thursday is the last day to purchase tickets online.

To purchase your tickets, or for more information, visit  ! ! !

Hope you have fun!!!

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