True + Luscious Launched a New Product: The Brow Definer Pencil!

Who knew a throwback to a classic would make such an impact?

Photos courtesy of brand

True + Luscious launched a new product today, the Brow Definer Pencil, proving once again their focus is in providing quality products to its consumers and maintaining a sustainable product lineup! The Brow Pencil formula contains organic Jamaican Castor Oil.  Meaning the Brow Pencil will not only fill, shape and define your brows, but also provide brow enhancing benefits.  Castor Oil when used on a daily basis may improve lash and brown health.

Photos courtesy of Brand

Each brow pencil retails for $20.00 and can be purchased on the True + Lucious site (here).  The Brow Definer Pencil line has six shades:  Deep Brunette, Taupe, Cool Brunette, Auburn, Blonde and Brunette.  The brand decided to use sustainably sourced wood to create each Brow Definer Pencil.  Unlike traditional Wooden Brow Pencils, this one includes a spoolie brush.  The formula is both smudge-proof and sweat proof – something we all need in our foreseeable future, summer!

So what makes the product Sustainable?

True + Luscious went back to the basics and launched a Wooden Brow Pencil.  As of lately, Brow Pencils have been made encased in plastic; that very rarely gets recycled.  Wood on the other hand is naturally biodegradable, leaving little to no worries to the Green Consumer.

Are Wooden Eye Brow Pencils difficult to work with?

On the contrary, I personally find Wooden Eye Brow Pencils easier to work with as their formula tends to be less waxy.  The lack of wax allows for a longer lasting application.  My only recommendation is to purchase a pencil sharpener for your makeup collection as you will need a sharp tip to create the famous feathery brows! In fact, MustaeV Cosmetics creates one of my favorite Eye Brow Pencils (here).

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