Benefit Majorette Cream Blush

Benefit recently released Majorette, a cream-to-powder blush.

In comparison to other releases, there seems to be less hype around Majorette, which is odd when compared to Benefit’s “they’re real push up liner.”

Benefits Majorette

 0.24 oz. for $28.00

Like all Benefit products, Majorette comes in adorable packaging.

There is no denying the level of cuteness Majorette’s packaging exudes.  It’s just too cute for words.  Not only is it eye catching to those who are not at the least interested in makeup, it makes any consumer forget its true purpose.


Majorette only comes in this peachy, coral hue (Cross fingers for more colors).  Although, the product’s size is only .24 oz, the cream is highly pigmented and requires a small amount for a visible color payoff.

Its dome shape is reminiscent to that of an EOS balm with the image of an embossed sun.

The application is very smooth, and leaves your skin feeling velvety.  The texture may result from the Dimethicone.  The silicon based primer ingredient is what allows the blush to become a primer for powder blushes.

The necessity of applying an addition powder blush with this product is debatable given its very high color payoff.  Personally, I would have preferred this product without the Dimethicone seeing as using both a primer and a blush primer is redundant.

However, this is a great product for days when you do not want to apply an entire face but want your blush to withstand the day.

Now for some visuals…

 Sample A is strictly a powder blush whereas Sample B is the blush used in Sample A over Majorette.



A: Chanel’s Joues Contraste Blush 69 Fleur de Lotus

B: Benefit’s Majorette + Chanel’s Joues Contraste Blush 69 Fleur de Lotus


C. Benefit’s Majorette

D. MAYBELLINE Dream Bouncy blush  in 40 Pink Plum

You can see the gorgeous tint Majorette alone can leave on your skin.  This product is great for days when you just want a pop of color on your cheeks and some mascara.

Now let us talk about the price.  For those of us on a budget I did find an affordable dupe  with a similar color payoff and finish but without the Dimethicone.

Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy Blush is pictured as Sample D.

 Although, different colors, both products can be used in the same way.

Would you purchase Benefit Majorette Cream Blush?

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