Yes to Coconut Cleansing Wipes

“Yes to Coconut” is a new product that launched this passed summer as part of the “Yes to” family.  With everyone in love with coconuts, it makes sense that the beauty industry has incorporated coconuts to their list of commonly used ingredients.

Cleansing Wipes are a girls best friend.  They are great to keep in your backpack, gym bag, tote bag, car, purse and just about anywhere else to keep you feeling refreshed all day long!

 “Yes to coconuts” does just that.  After long days, these cleansing wipes keep you both refreshed and moisturized without leaving behind a greasy residue.


My favorite feature of the yes to carrot wipes, besides its moisturizing properties is the plastic, snap-closure. This is fantastic as someone who has used several wipes.  I absolutely detest wipes that have a tape closure because the plastic’s adhesive never lasts, causing the pack to dry prematurely.   These on the other hand will last until the 25th wipe is used up.

As a person who is picky with scents, I personally do not like the wipes’ heavy coconut scent. I would have preferred if the wipes were unscented so I could use them more often.

Have you ladies tried a product from this line?

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