We’ve all had those unfortunate moments where our relationship with our skin is far from desirable.  Whether it be an unsightly blemish whose inflamed nature is large enough to resemble Mount Everest, the every day clogged pore or the wear and tear brought to you with age.  Case in point, no one enjoys nor seeks to have blemishes or wrinkles; yet sadly they’re inevitable.  One’s only salvation is to inherit rare and highly desirable genes – yes please ! Or run to your nearest beauty store and purchase just about anything that will remotely achieve clear, porcelain skin.  A recent discovery has been the incredible GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD Face Mask.


GLAMGLOW is known for professional grade face masks that work.  At first skeptical, I purchased the 0.5 oz jar for $19.00 at Sephora but am more than willing to purchase the full size jar that contains 1.7 oz and retails for $69.00.


With so many technological advantages in skincare, it’s refreshing and astonishing to see a traditional, drying clay mask.  There are no gimmicks, simply a product that works.  The first ingredient listed is water and contains the following active ingredients: green tea leaf particles, French Sea Clay, Volcanic Pumice Rock,

 After only 10-minute I noticed softer, clearer, brighter skin without the dryness found in conventional masks.  I do have mention the mask only exfoliates the skin’s surface.  If you need a more intensive cleansing, I suggest using this in between extractions.  Having only purchased the smaller jar, I cannot attest to wether or not this product does eliminate fine lines but if it helps, I loved the GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD Mask so much, I finished the jar in only a week.

So yes, I would recommend purchasing the GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD Face Mask.  But maybe, just maybe go ahead and purchase the larger jar.  It will definitely safe you a trip to Sephora, not that anyone would complain of “having” such an errand.

Have you tried the GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD?  What’s your favorite GLAMGLOW mask?

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