SUPIMA’S 13th Annual Competition

…announces winner Amanda Forastieri from Drexel University!

If there’s one thing Fashion has taught me, is that it holds strength and versatility. Yes, you heard me right! Although many believe Fashion is simply fabric compiled together for the vain, Fashion is living art; a true reflection of the time. SUPIMA’s 13th annual competition was none other than that, a pure reflection of much needed, pure Hope. The colorful compilation created by the six contestants was attestation the world is full of color, waiting for our creations. The $10,000 prize was also a nice touch!

Amanda Forastieri

Amid the CORONA chaos, SUPIMA chose to proceed with the Design Competition via Instagram Live. Nothing can compare seeing the garments glide in person, the virtual experience was vibrant and joyful nonetheless. Upon opening the app, one was immediately transported into a magical world once known, hosted by none other than Law Roach.

The Contestants:

SUPIMA’S 13th annual Competition: Amanda Forastieri “Utopia”

SUPIMA’S 13th annual Competition: Jennie Nguyen

SUPIMA’S 13th annual Competition: Jenny Feng

SUPIMA’S 13th annual Competition: Kyra Buenviaje

SUPIMA’S 13th annual Competition: Sakura Mizutani

The Judges:

  • Abrima Erwiah – co-founder, director, Studio One Eighty Nine
  • Avril Graham – executive fashion and beauty editor, Harper’s BAZAAR
  • Aya Kanai – chief fashion director, Marie Claire
  • Faith Cummings – fashion and beauty journalist
  • Fern Mallis – creator of New York Fashion Week and industry consultant
  • Godfrey Deeny – global editor-in-chief, Fashion Network
  • Jerome Lamaar – creative director and futurist designer
  • Jill Manoff – editor-in-chief,
  • Jonathan Cohen – creative director, Jonathan Cohen Studio
  • Julia Le – fashion editor, SUSTAIN The Mag
  • Karen Sabag – founder and designer of Karen Sabag Bridal
  • Laurel Pantin – fashion features director, InStyle
  • Leah Faye Cooper – writer and editor
  • Lilliana Vazquez – host + producer, E! Entertainment
  • Luke Meagher – fashion critic
  • Mary Alice Stephenson – founder/CEO, Glam4Good
  • Nicole Chavez – fashion stylist
  • Pierre M’Pelé – senior editor, LOVE Magazine
  • Reza Cristián – founder and editor-in-chief, SUSTAIN The Mag
  • Tracey Meyers – senior business reporter, WWD
  • Tyler McCall – editor-in-chief,

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